Sri Lankan Festival 2012

In Tokyo every year there is a festival organized by the Sri Lankan embassy to gather Sri Lankans in Tokyo and just share our Sri Lankan culture with those living in Japan. It’s usually in September in Yoyogi park on a weekend!

It’s really fun and there’s a lot of food, different product stalls and a concert with famous Sri Lankan singing team (BNS) accompanied by the famous dance team called “Channa dance team” .

So these are some photos I took at this festival which I visited this year with my friends! ^^ Some are of the festival and some are of my friends as we were hanging out xD

This photo above is of one of the food stalls. They were making kottu – one of my favourite Sri Lankan dishes!

During my middle school- high school days this singer (Bathiya ) and his partner (santush) was very very popular in Sri Lanka. Now I’m in my last year of University, and they’re still popular in Sri Lanka! It’s just amazing how long Sri Lankan super star’s careers can last! ^^

The funniest thing I noticed in the Sri Lankan festival is the kids dancing off stage! lol! When I first went to this festival in 2011, I was so amused at the small children dancing off stage as well as everyone in the audience dancing off stage – like it was a party! I thought at that time that it was something only for that year… but I was surprised to see the same thing this year too! haha maybe our Sri Lankan kids and people in general have a love to have fun , be crazy and dance ;P The expression of some of the Japanese people who were not used to it was SO amusing! haha but eventually some of them even joined xD

That week was Akane’s B’day! So after the festival, we went for dinner at TGIF near Harajuku station and gave her a surprise! xD

Hope you enjoyed the photos I took xD Please leave behind a comment and if you have any questions, again, feel free to contact me and ask! ^^ Oh and if you’re interested in Sri Lanka, watch this tourism video! It’s not mine, but I think it shows some of the amazing sites of my country =)

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